What we do

 Our global reach extends beyond construction services and raw materials. Mat and Co Construction Limited specializes in import and export services, facilitating international trade for businesses across various industries. Whether you need assistance with importing goods to your location or exporting products to global markets, we have the expertise and network to streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and compliance with international trade regulations

Some of the key points offered here are;

Documentation Support

We help clients navigate the complex documentation requirements, including import/export licenses, permits, and customs forms.

Customs Clearance

Our experts handle customs clearance procedures, ensuring compliance with import/export regulations and smooth passage through customs.

Logistics and Transportation

We manage the logistics of transporting goods, whether by sea, air, or land, to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.

Documentation Management

We assist in managing and organizing all required documentation, reducing administrative burdens for our clients.

Cost Optimization

We aim to optimize costs throughout the import/export process, helping clients achieve competitive pricing and better profit margins.

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