Procedure for filing IGM at Custom Houses operating EDI service centres

I)    IGM by Shipping lines:

The shipping line/steamer agent needs to submit the manifest in prescribed form at the Service Centre. The shipping lines are required to submit the electronic version of the Import General manifest in floppies, containing all the details and particulars. It is to be ensured by the Shipping Lines that all the particulars and details of the Import general manifest submitted either manually or through floppies are correct. The shipping agents who do not have arrangement for data in floppy, may approach the Service Center of Customs and get the data of IGM submitted in system. They are also to ensure that details of House Bill of Lading are also incorporated in the IGM in case of consol cargo.

On arrival of the vessel, the shipping line needs to approach the Preventive officer for granting entry inwards. Before making the application, the shipping line has to make payment of the Light House dues.

In case the shipping line is filing an IGM after arrival of the vessel, the procedure as mentioned above for prior IGM, is to be followed except that the date of arrival of vessel is also indicated. After submission, the shipping line has to approach the proper officer for grant of entry inwards in the system.

(ii)     IGM by Air:

The airlines are required to file IGM in prescribed format. In case of Air Cargo Complexes having EDI, the IGMs may be filed through electronic mode. The IGMs to be submitted need to contain all details and particulars. In other words, the airlines would not only be furnishing the details of the Master Airway Bills but also the House Airway bills in the case of console cargo. The airlines are also to furnish the additional information, namely, the ULD Nos. for use by the custodians.

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